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Imagine watching your baby move and grow throughout your pregnancy. See the changes as your baby grows from the size of a small bean to a tiny little human. 

At The Baby Scene, we understand how special the moment is when you see your baby’s face or hear their heartbeat for the first time. 

The aim of The Baby Scene 3D/4D ultrasound studio is to allow you a view into the womb and show you amazing videos and pictures of your baby during pregnancy. It is an unforgettable experience for expecting parents. 

We invite you, along with friends and family, to enjoy the wonderful bonding experience of seeing your baby using the latest 2D, 3D and 4D technology. 

You will be guided through the scan by a qualified medical sonographer and can experience memorable views such as your baby smiling, kicking, waving, or yawning. Images of your baby’s face, hands, and feet can be taken home to be treasured. 

Our ultrasound studio is set up to create a welcoming and cozy environment where you can relax and watch the big screen TV in comfort, with family and friends around you.

The Baby Scene would love the opportunity to share a bonding experience with you and your baby.

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"Please remember that our scans are non-diagnostic and do not replace any of your diagnostic medical ultrasounds or guidance from your medical practitioner."

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard mode for all ultrasound scans is 2D and produces the black and white images that are interpreted by a qualified sonographer. These images can be unclear and fuzzy to the untrained eye. Parents wanting clearer images can opt to have a 3D ultrasound scan. 

Using advanced ultrasound technology, 3D scanning involves the capture of images in three dimensions. The machine reconstructs these images to produce a three dimensional image of your baby with amazing clarity and colour that is far more realistic than a 2D image.

When an extra dimension of time is added, we get 4D scanning, which is essentially the 3D image of your baby moving in real time. Parents get a view of their baby as if they are looking inside the womb.   

The process of the actual scan on the expectant mum is very much the same for all three.

Extensive studies into ultrasound use during pregnancy have found no harmful side effects to mums or their baby.  

A full bladder is not required for the scans, however it is advisable to keep hydrated and have a glass of water before the scan.

The Baby Scene is run by an Australian Accredited Registered Medical sonographer who has worked in both the private and public sectors in WA. Arusha is a mother to three children and understands the highs and lows that accompany pregnancy.

This is a non diagnostic ultrasound service for bonding and pregnancy memorabilia. No doctors referral is needed in order to have a 3D scan. 

Please note that this service is not a Medicare diagnostic medical imaging procedure and does not allow any rebates from Medicare or private health funds. You are therefore still required to attend diagnostic scans when referred by your doctor.

The Baby Scene offers scans starting from 9 weeks right through to 40 weeks. An early dating scan should have been performed before booking for a 3D scan. This will give you an Estimated Due Date which will be used to calculate how many weeks you are.

Many people have a 3D/4D scan early in their pregnancy around 14 to 16 weeks and then return around 28 to 36 weeks to see the baby almost fully grown with beautiful facial photos at this stage.

During the 14 to 30 week period you can see more of the baby including arms and legs and all the associated movements.

In the 30 to 39 week period you get lovely facial views, depending on the position of the baby. 

22 to 34 weeks is the best time to book to get beautiful photos of your baby. Slim women are better before 34wks. Larger women are better between 30 and 36 weeks.

Gender determination is available from 14 weeks. If however, you do not wish to know the sex of your baby, speak to the sonographer who will be able to avoid the area so the surprise at the birth of your baby is preserved. This way, you can enjoy a wonderful bonding experience of a 3D/4D scan. If you have any questions during the scan, the sonographer will happily answer them. 

If you are feeling anxious and just want to see the heartbeat for reassurance then come and do one of our packages any time between 9 to 40 weeks.

The Baby Scene is a non diagnostic service. We do not look at detailed fetal anatomy. If the sonographer finds an anomaly, you will not be informed of the sonographer’s suspicions. The sonographer will contact your GP and it will be their decision to advise a follow up diagnostic scan.

Payment is made on the day of your appointment or via the booking system. Eftpos facilities are available. We accept debit, Visa, Master Card and cash. We do not accept personal cheques.

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We use the latest available technology to provide the most detailed scan with incredible image quality.

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About the owner -

  • Arusha is a qualified Sonographer having worked in medical imaging for 10 years in both the private and public sectors.
  • She is passionate about obstetric imaging and committed to providing the best possible images of your baby.

Happy Clients

Pauline Gray
Pauline Gray
So warming and welcoming ! Really enjoyed my experience with the baby scene it's a must from us 😍
Eva Stieler
Eva Stieler
The most kind and caring staff. Arusha is never in a rush and always takes her time at each appointment. Couldn’t recommend them enough 🤍
dargan camin
dargan camin
The baby scene provided fantastic service for our 3d scan. baby was not playing the game and they took their time allowing him to move to ensure we got quality pictures.
Remi Jhoe Mura
Remi Jhoe Mura
Great service which allows me to book last minute for a reassurance ultrasound on my baby. The waiting area reminds me of a day spa and the staff are very welcoming.
Mya Ly
Mya Ly
Incredible service and the staff is so amazing here 🤩 highly recommended
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Thank you to the lovely ladies at The Baby Scene! This was my second 3D scan with the ladies and both times they went above and beyond trying to get every little image they could. We were lucky enough to get some wonderful photos and videos.
Michal Dalais
Michal Dalais
Arusha was very personable and her services were beyond what I expected.We did not feel rushed and I felt completely at ease.We got some fantastic images.Loved the chocolates and so did Bub.